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"The age of mankind has fallen, and darkness rains upon its kingdoms.

You are one of those that survived, by living within the God's Dungeons, one of many of them, a challenge put forth by the gods.

Survive, and scrape together what you can. Build a town within the dungeon, attract other survivors, and thrive.

The dungeon is all that's left now. Your only goal, is to stay alive."

The Kingdom Must Not Fall is a fps dungeon crawler. Attempt to build a town inside the abandoned dungeon, and help survivors reach the final floors.

This game is unfinished, and was made in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 46. Expect some bugs, and the core game-play loop is unfinished. There is no current ending.

This game was made with 001 Game Creator.


LD46.zip 9 MB
LD46Source.zip 384 kB

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