A downloadable game for Windows

The World Ends Saturday is a rpg with a twist. You have 14 minutes, or until Saturday, to save the world.

This is currently the demo, as I am still finishing the game. I am currently looking for feedback.

Controls are:

Arrows to move, Enter to activate, and Escape to enter menu.


Hello, this is TheOtherGuy. I have decided to start fresh with this game, and so I will be making remaking the entire game in RPG maker.


TheWorldEndsSaturday 1.0.zip 7 MB


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This sounds like an interesting premise!

Unfortunately I can't get the game to run - first tells me that DX8VB.DLL was missing. Downloaded a copy online, but then I when trying again got an error saying "Direct X 8 couldn't initialise properly".

I'm running Windows 7 with Direct X 11 installed. Does this mean I'd need to 'downgrade' my Direct X version back to 8 to play this?

The dll file may simply be missing from your computer, they may have it online. If anyone else has any issues similar to this please comment and let me know.

Just a heads up, there seems to be something wrong with your zip-file? Tried downloading it from the app and my browser, booth times it threw me an error.