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A short horror game made for the Indie Game Making Contest 2018 Jam.

It's your first day on the job, as a researcher at an research center on a colony planet. Find out what happened to the scientists, and try to escape!

This is actually the start of Project TITAN'S story, and will be arriving in a separate update for Project TITAN.

I also have set up a discord for Project TITAN, which can be found here: https://discord.gg/zgxyJfZ


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Project TITAN Prequel Setup 1.1.zip 129 MB


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Cool game. I like the art style, the 2d and 3d is always nice. 


I have a feeling the end of this was lost on me due to having not played the sequel, but the first two thirds of this was amazing. This is a fantastic example of an atmospheric game that allows the player to scare themselves. I was paranoid the entire time that something was going to happen and the tension just kept building! While the implications of the "lockdown lifted in 5 min" led me to literally wait for 5 min, up until that point it was superb!

Thank you for doing a video over my game! Also, I am going to be releasing an update for it, to fix the Trickster's movement speed.

The part where you were running around for a while, and he kinda trailed behind isn't supposed to happen. He is supposed to catch the player quickly after they active the terminal to lower the lockdown. Sorry about that!


I noticed that you upload with installers, have you considered using zip files instead? I know I tend to avoid .exe installers for games on itch and gamejolt due to them often hiding malware. I've played your games in the past and trust you as a developer, but I think it might hurt the reception of the games on sites like this.

The only file I uploaded on this is a zip. Are you only getting a installer? 

There should be a zip file with an installer and a readme text file.


I meant more along the lines of a zipped standalone .exe with the related files instead of any kind of installer, zipped or not.

I would use an exe, but the engine I use has problems with it. I've released exe versions in the past, but they crash and bug out.

I am hoping future updates will allow me to use exe files.


Ah, understandable. I was wondering if it was an issue with the engine. What engine is is by the way? I'm not sure if I ever figured that out.

The engine is 001 Game Creator.