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Project TITAN Hype Sale is over!
Thanks to all who checked out the game. According to the stats, 1200 people checked out sale, and 200 downloaded the game! The sale managed to hit 6 dollars, t...
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Into The Mist 2: Arena Mode added!
So I added a small arena mode to Into The Mist 2! Its only for score, and you play until you are defeated. I may add another arena, at some point in the future...
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Into The Mist 2: The Cult, Update!
Good news, thanks to everyones feedback, I've released a bug-fix update! So here is what was fixed. Camera becoming detached from player. Saves not saving [Adva...
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Into The Mist 2: The Cult [100% Off Sale!]
Until monday at 12:00Pm the game is free! Go check it out!
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