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A FNAF fangame made for The Meta Game Jam.

Join the dedicated employees at Burger Burger Pizzeria, and act as the new night guard. Just watch some robots right? Yes. There are no killer robots.

Enjoy five nights of wandering around a digital pizzeria. Check the cameras and make sure the generator doesn't go out. Or don't. Nothing will happen!

WASD/Arrows to move.

Enter/E/Left Click to interact.

Esc to close game.

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
Tagsfnaf-fangame, FPS, Horror, Pixel Art


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Five Normal Nights At The Burger Burger Pizzeria Setup.zip 38 MB


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i'm scared to download this it looks creepy already-

Google detected your game as a virus :I

Its the engine i use, the save system causes antivirus to freakout sometimes, it not a virus.


annoying thing with game engines: they can be annoying.

vsauce its proud of you...


Ok, Every night was easy except night 7, the joke robot was trying to eat me and he did ;-;

Anyone know how to fix a resolution error I'm currently experiencing? The screen's slightly shifted to the left, I'm using Windows 10.

oh, and does anyone know what happens when forgetful dog gets into the office


He just stands and recharges.

Bruh this game is freakin scary, probably due to the fact that I scare easily, but still this game is really creepy.

hi, big thx for the gme. greetings from rosti

lol i did not read the description so when i played the game i was scared when the power went out 

Hi lol

i love it the music is scary by the way


No killer robots, huh? Then why is one of the tags HORROR??? *press x to doubt*




I am 128 days late, wHEEEEEE-

I love so much of what you do. I played minimalist art club (along with all its secrets) and this and its secrets. I have not been let down yet; however, I don't get the secret ending in this. Maybe I missed something? I just walked around a small building for a few minutes. Not sure, but my point is that I love all your games

The secret end for the current version is bugged, thanks for letting me know. I'll have an updated version uploaded this weekend.

I make a website "burger burger" and then months later, This game comes out!

(the logo is basically burger kings just replaced the king with burger)

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Looks dope! Gonna give it a try.