A downloadable game for Windows

This is a testing build for The Atlas Hunt Demo.

Expect bugs/frame-rate issues, and any feedback is welcome. This game is an unfinished demo, so anything may be changed in the final version.

Atlas Hunt is a survival horror fps, explore, collect items, and try and survive. Avoid the deer, find the clues, join the hunt.

Happy Hunting

Edit: The newest version is now prepackaged with Reshader, with some testing effects. This will likely change as the game develops and are for testing. You can modify these with the Home key.

Here is the link to the reshader main website: https://reshade.me/


0 Alpha Atlas 0.6.46 ReShader.zip 228 MB
Atlas Hunt Demo Build 0.1.2.zip 198 MB

Development log


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good job you game is so cool tainks